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Client stories and feed back

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Teegan Burke, Riddells Creek:- The AEMT Emmett Technique was excellent and I would be happy to recommend this service anyone. As a result of the therapy my horse added top line, as well as not being as sunken through his flanks. He also had more free movement as he was very stiff before.


More from - Chris Sievers, Lauriston Vic: – EA/NCAS Coach and Dressage B level Judge: Young Horse Judge and Judge Mentor:- We rode our horses today after the Emmett horse muscle therapy by AEMT. Starting with some in hand work on our pony to loosen the poll and jaw and OMG we have a new horse; so much softer on front, more supple in flexion and just floating in paces.

The 5yo novice level horse was just superb too, even one of the spectators commented on how great she was going; and the PSTG training mare was a dream. Beautiful clean flying changes and so happy to be in front of the leg but waiting and harmonious. Lots of white foam in her mouth with much relaxed snorting and softness over the back. 

A big thank you for the muscle therapy you provided for our horses, it has made such a difference.


Louisa Kelly - my old war horse (we call him that because he has sustained so many injuries) has had 2 fractured legs, pin fired legs, crashed through a fence, arthritis and at age 24 chronic muscle atrophy and looked very old and worn out.

However, thanks to Advanced Equine Muscle Therapy and an ongoing maintenance programme, he now looks like a 12 year old and gallops around the paddock like he has a new zest for life. His body has been rebuilt too. He now has a top line and buttocks that he has never had previously and many other owners would love to have on their horse.

We only trail ride him now but I have no doubt that with the maintenance programme, not only has it rebuilt his body but I am sure it has extended his life.

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