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Providing a holistic approach with additional services available for horse behaviour, emotional issues, rider confidence and safety both on the ground and in the saddle.

Specialising in helping horses from Gisborne, Victoria and out to 50klm radius approx. Other areas considered upon demand.

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Need to increase your horsemanship skills on the ground or in the saddle?

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Welcome to A.E.M.T.

Advanced Equine Muscle Therapy

and the Emmett Technique for Horses

Advanced Equine Muscle therapy | Emmett Technique

Advanced Equine Muscle Therapy | Emmett Therapy | Emmett Technique | More than Horse Massage

So much more than horse massage

This is pain free, light-touch neuromuscular therapy!

  • Targets the neural pathways to reset the affected muscles, including the very deep, impossible to massage, muscles
  • Repairs stressed, sore and atrophied muscles
  • Restores spinal balance and biomechanical efficiency
  • Rebuilds optimum performance in your horse or pony !

For all riding disciplines

Every horse needs biomechanical efficiency to perform at its best and to be comfortable.

Biomechanical efficiency means the limbs and musculotendinous units (muscle and tendon tissue) are working together at their maximum comfort and performance and require the minimum amount of energy possible to perform the task.

This is such an effective equine muscle management system.

Play video for a brief intro to the treatment 

 Advanced equine muscle therapy is the perfect solution to restore biomechanical efficiency.

Here's why...

The Emmett technique that we utilise, reactivates spinal balance and stimulates the correct muscle memory.

This is achieved through a light touch, non-invasive sequence which corrects the spinal balance and targets specific muscle groups. This stimulates the neuro paths between the muscle and brain.

It is like turning on a light switch!

Advanced Equine Muscle Therapy Emmett TechniqueAdvanced Equine Muscle Therapy Emmett Technique

 It reminds the affected muscle of what it should be doing rather than allowing that and surrounding muscles to remain in protection mode.

The result is that instant release is most often experienced and the associated pain and discomfort is eased.

This then allows increased movement, enhanced blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and improved quality of life for the horse.

This state-of-the-art treatment is highly beneficial for every horse and pony.

You will be amazed at how easily outstanding results can be achieved and your horse will be delighted!

Don't wait, every horse and pony should be on a maintenance programme to assist with their health, vitality and performance.


Contributing factors to Biomechanical problems

 It is so easy to lose biomechanical efficiency.

 A horse can simply slip in the paddock and a strained muscle can be the result.

 Contributing factors can be:-

  • muscle or tendon strains and tear
  • spinal imbalance
  • conformation issues
  • poor saddle fit
  • poor rug fit
  • poor riding position and/or style
  • incorrect hoof trimming or shoeing
  • improper diet, imbalance or deficiency of vitamin and minerals
  • dental issues
  • poor lymphatic and blood circulation

Book a treatment session email or phone 0419 556 783